In the COVID-19 situation, we are ready to help you to go digital for your exams and content

A rich platform which provides online exam and content sharing capability

Variety of courses providing different options for students.

LS e-Exams

LS e-Exams is a platform where any schools or organization can conduct anytime anywhere exams (online) exams. With the support of both auto check as well as manual check feature for variety of question types ensure quick turnaround of the results. Our security enabled platform helps in reducing the chance of cheating in the exam.

LS e-Workbooks

Currently in COVID-19 situation, schools are taking online classes, sharing content on different communication channels like WhatsApp, School ERP apps but these information is not in consolidated form for the students. Our platform enables schools to consolidate and share e-books, notes, worksheets, class tests, activities, homework.

Student e-Worksheets

“Practice makes a man perfect”. This quote stands true as perfection comes only with mastering of the concepts. Practicing is important as it helps identify the gaps in learning process. Our worksheets helps in tracking your learning curve. Our worksheets are complete sets for practice and revision with unlimited number of attempts.