Why Learner Solution

Complete Analysis

Constant practice is imperative to master the concepts .Knowing the weak areas helps identify the gaps in learning. We provide detail analytics of student attempts which will help them in identifying their weak areas and helps to work towards improving them.

Data Security

We ensure that data shared by our clients (schools or organizations) is not shared with any other party. We kept all data secure either it is user personal data shared by school/organization or digital content so that privacy of our clients is maintained.

Reliable platform

We are providing a reliable platform to support your digital needs in conducting online exams and creating and consolidated digital content for your students and employees. Our responsive design makes it accessible on Desktop/laptop, tablets and mobile.

Experienced Faculty

We have a rich experience of providing e-learning services to international clients. Our team of experienced faculty is abreast with the latest in pedagogy to design the content (revision notes, practice sheets and test papers) which is matchless in the field.

Quality Workbooks

Our workbooks are complete sets for practice and revision. These are based on NCERT syllabus and are supplemented with- Revision Notes, Practice Sheets and Test Papers. Our workbooks contain a series of worksheets providing a comprehensive practice on the given topic.

Unlimited Practice

Worksheets can be attempted n- number of times. On every attempt the sequence and options of the questions changes. In case of Math, even the numeric values in the question will change which means students can answer correctly only if they understand the concepts.