Student courses


CBSE Board exams are not easy to score as understanding of exam pattern is very important. To make it easy for our students, we have consolidated all previous year question papers and sample papers so that students can practice and get familiar with exam pattern.
On enrolling in this course, you will get access to 12-15 previous years papers and some CBSE sample papers for each subject. This is a good amount of material for practicing and checking your preparation for the exam.

Other courses

Math Daily Practice for Class – I to VIII

Mathematics is a subject which needs daily practice. 15 minutes of daily practice of basic mathematics can do wonders for any students. It helps them to overcome basic mistakes in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 15 minutes daily practice sheets with rich features like new questions every day, auto check facility, review of each attempt, detailed analysis of all your attempts makes it very useful to identify the gaps and work on those.
Enroll in our free 15 minutes daily exercise to practice daily.

Math Workbook for Classes – I to VIII

Workbook for Math is created based on Learner Solution approach of Learn, Practice and Test. Using high-tech teaching methods, giving options for personalized learning augmented with unlimited attempts the students will gain by using the app. Detailed analytics of students’ attempts and performance is provided to identify the weak and strong areas to help focus on the right topics.

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