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Online Exam

Online exams is a platform where schools or any organization who wants to conduct the online exams can use this platform. This platform can be used to take anytime anywhere exams. Our platform supports both auto check as well as manual check facility for variety of question types. Our exam platform helps school teachers to ensure that the students take the exam on specified time and students do not take advantage of late submission. Our platform is enabled with features which helps in reducing the chance of cheating in the exam. 

School e-Workbooks

Currently in COVID-19 situation, schoold are taking online classes, sharing content on different communication channels like WhatsApp, School ERP apps but these information is not in consolidated form for the students. It is difficult for students/parents to search them when required later. It supports e-books, notes, worksheets, class tests, activities/experiments, homework/assignments. These are digitally available so students can use it anywhere and anytime. School e-Workbooks are the digital solution for the currently used paper form workbooks.

student E-worksheets

Our worksheets are complete sets for practice and revision. These are based on NCERT syllabus and are supplemented with- Revision Notes, Practice Sheets and Test Papers. Our workbooks contain a series of worksheets providing a comprehensive practice on the given topic. Worksheets can be attempted n- number of times. On every attempt the sequence and options of the questions changes. In case of Math, even the numeric values in the question will change which means students can answer correctly only if they understand the concepts.

Features at a glance

  • Exams will be accessible only on the exam day and time.
  • Objective type questions will be auto checked. Teachers have to check and reward marks only on descriptive questions. 
  • No situation of late submission of test by students as it will be submitted as soon as time is over.
  • Display one question at a time or display all the questions at once. 
  • No copy paste is allowed on the window on which test is in progress.
  • Every student will have different sequence of questions.
  • Answer options in the questions are also shuffled for each student. 
  • Information provided by school/organization is not shared with anyone. 
  • Support of variety of question types like MCQ, True/False, Fill in the blanks, Match the following, Drag & Drop etc.
  • Support for adding study material. 
  •  Study Material like NCERT books, e-books, short notes, presentations etc. can be uploaded on the platform.
  • This makes it easily and quickly accessible for students for later use.
  • Teachers can create the videos of the activity and share with students on the platform. 
  • Homework can be given to students by creating an assignment on the platform.
  • Students can either do it on computer/laptop or on their notebook and upload on platform. 
  • Teachers can check it online and give feedback online.
  • Worksheets can be created based on the topic teacher wants with all the features mentioned in the e-worksheets section. 
  • Class test/revision tests can be created on the platform. 
  • Worksheets can be created based on the topic teacher wants. 
  • Unlimited attempts of each worksheet provides more opportunities for students to revise.
  • Auto check and instant feedback for variety of question types.
  • Data tracking and Analytics to help students and teachers to focus on weak areas
  • Teachers can track student’s progress.