LS e-exams

Online exams is a platform where schools or any organization who wants to conduct the online exams can use this platform. This platform can be used to take anytime anywhere exams. Our platform supports both auto check as well as manual check facility for variety of question types. Our exam platform helps school teachers to ensure that the students take the exam on specified time and students do not take advantage of late submission. Our platform is enabled with features which helps in reducing the chance of cheating in the exam. 

Features at a glance

  • Exams will be accessible only on the exam day and time.
  • Objective type questions will be auto checked. Teachers have to check and reward marks only on descriptive questions. 
  • No situation of late submission of test by students as it will be submitted as soon as time is over.
  • Display one question at a time or display all the questions at once. 
  • No copy paste is allowed on the window on which test is in progress.
  • Every student will have different sequence of questions.
  • Answer options in the questions are also shuffled for each student. 
  • Information provided by school/organization is not shared with anyone. 
  • Support of variety of question types like MCQ, True/False, Fill in the blanks, Match the following, Drag & Drop etc.

supported question types

We have support for below question types for worksheets and exams:

–Multiple Choice  – Auto Check

  • Multiple choice questions with one or more correct answers.

–True/False – Auto Check

  • True and False questions. This type of questions are not possible for Hindi.

–Match the following – Auto Check

  • Match the following questions with

–Drag & Drop – Auto Check

  • Drag and drop questions for text and picture both.

–Select missing word – Auto Check

  • Multiple fill in the blanks in a paragraph or a sentence.

–Fill in the blanks – Auto Check

  • Fill in the blank questions.

–Short answer  – Auto Check

  • One word answer question. We can have multiple answers for the same questions

–Descriptive – Manual check

  • Long or very long answer question. These types of questions will be assigned to teachers for grading. This type of question is not supported for Hindi as students can’t type in Hindi.